Other Work


Written by Tom Stoppard

Scenic Design
1/2" scale model

A century before her time, Thomasina plots a leaf mathematically to deduce its equation and draws a diagram of heat exchange, respectively discovering a way to predict population changes and the theory of entropy. Two hundred years later in present day, new inhabitants of the house  use clues from the past to assert their own means and rewrite history, unsuspecting of the 17 year old girl in their findings to be of any significance. Gradually, science and art, love and reason explode into chaos, revealing the truth about Thomasina and the effortless, sublime, inevitability of entropy in all forms. 

Ivona: Princess of Burgundia

by Witold Gombrowicz

Scenic Design
1/2" scale model

A prince, bored with his perfect life, impulsively decides to marry an unwilling, ugly, un-marriageable girl from a much lower social class. Once in the castle, her persistent silence prompts the Royal family to vent their insecurities onto her. Eventually growing paranoid, they plot to, and succeed in, killing her off; their perfect lives once again restored to a safe state of boredom. 

Turn of the Screw

by Benjamin Britten

Scenic Design
1/2" scale model

A young governess moves to the country to look after two delinquent  children and lift them out of their ignorance. In her efforts to do good, she does a lot of harm. Soon after her arrival, she sees the specters of old grounds keeper, Peter Quint, and former governess, Miss Jessel. Beginning to question her sanity and ability to help the children, the governess presses them to reveal their past relationships with the two ghosts, ultimately leading to insanity and death. 

The Skriker

by Caryl Churchill

Costume Design
costume sketches 

The Skriker is a bad fairy from an ancient world, hateful and jealous of the human race. She seduces Lily and Josie in an attempt to steal a baby, which she will use to eradicate the human race as punishment for what they have done to the Earth. 


by Oscar Wilde

Scenic Design
1/2" scale model

The objectified princess, Salome, is rejected by the prisoner, Iokanaan, with whom she is enamored. This rejection fuels her to use the male gaze against her lecherous uncle, King Herod, demanding Iokanaan's head in exchange for dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils. Her cunning and success in achieving her goal are greeted with mortal violence.   

The Visit

by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Costume and Scenic Design
costume sketches + 1/2" scale model