Photo © Christian Hall,  Cosmic Fling,  2018

Photo © Christian Hall, Cosmic Fling, 2018

Stevie Anne Nemazee is a puppetry artist, designer, and playwright with a passion for character design, performing objects, and stop motion animation. 

A three-time participant of the Eugene O’Neill National Puppetry Conference, Stevie has had the privilege of studying marionette construction with Jim Rose, mechanisms with Jim Kroupa, and writing for puppet theatre with Ronnie Burkett. In 2018, she was honored to be chosen as an Emerging Artist.

In addition to live puppetry, Stevie works in stop motion animation as an armature fabricator and all-around puppet builder. She has worked on Robot Chicken (Stupid Buddy Stoodios), Tumble Leaf (Bix Pix Entertainment), and is currently very excited to be a part of the feature film, Bubbles (Starburns Industries). In early 2019, Stevie was awarded the UNIMA-USA international scholarship to further her study of stop motion armature building with Puppets in Prague.

When Stevie isn’t working for the man, she’s writing plays, applying for grants, building puppets, and taking commissions. She believes that puppetry is for risk takers. Puppets allow us to tell stories and ask questions that cannot be achieved with humans alone. They provide a level of detachment, a distancing, that allows the viewer to experience a sort of self-observation without avoiding difficult or unpleasant content. 

Stevie is a dual citizen of the US & UK.